2023 Her Success Vision Box

2023 Her Success Vision Box

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This is for the Jesus Girl who can't set goals without checking in with God first 

Want to an active Faith Life that is on fire in 2023? Then you need Her Success Vision Box

Watch the video to see what is inside and how you can get yours now (so you don't have to wait till January 2023).

There are only 100 Vision Boxes available at cost price. 

When you order your box you agree to give us your feedback on your experience within 10 days of receiving and using your box. 

We want feedback so that we can produxe the best VISION BOX that we might to create. Once we have your feedback we will use it to improve the Vision Box and release the final version for the rest of the world to receive. 

So your feedback is extremely important as it will guide our efforts towards creating the final version of the VISION BOX 

This is why it's being sold at cost price and why we only have 100 boxes available rught now. 


What you will receive when you get the vidion box

• 30 days of Focus Journal

• A pack of Daily Declaration Cards 

• Vision boards for long, medium and short terms goals 

• 30 Days of Focus Day Prayer and Guidance videos 

• The new Hardcover FAITH LIFE journal (secret project)


Here is the deal: strictly first come first serve. Everyone coming to the Preparation Season Event have already reserved their boxes. Once you get your Box you agree to give us feedback within 10 days of receiving it.

Journals will go out from 1 December 2022.



About the Faith Life Journal

This is a tool to make your Faith Life catch fire because that is what we want right? To be on fire 🔥 filled with Faith, in the presence of Jesus, prayer, Fasting, reading the Word of God and having every single sermon hit the spot.


It is a tool to:

  • Be intentional with every 21, 7 or 3 day fast and prayer season 
  • Write down and track your prayers so that you can remember them and return with a testimony when you receive your answer
  • Take meaningful notes with each weekly sermon with space to reflect and make sure that each lesson sticks with you through the week
  • Give shape to your Bible time so that you can highlight your favourite verses and draw meaning each time you sit to feed on the Word of God
  • Have space to hear from God too, yes God does speak to us and sometimes we need space to listen and take notes, you can find space for that in the FAITH LIFE JOURNAL 

The Faith Life Journal is included in each Vision Box

Thank you in advance

God bless