1-Day Only, Email-to-Bank LIVE In Person Workshop Recordings

1-Day Only, Email-to-Bank LIVE In Person Workshop Recordings

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This one-day only, intimate workshop to discover the step-by-step guide to creating email income and the business plan you need to keep it growing. 


When you purchase this product, you get access to:
  • One Access PASS to the 1-day Only, Email-to-Bank LIVE Workshop
  • Full LIVE and post event recording of the 5-hour workshop
  • Lifetime access to the Email-to-Bank Step-by-Step Online Course 
  • ALL Workshop Workbooks, Template folders and Swipe Files
  • Sessions covered on the day will include
    • 49 Emails Ideas, in just 7 Minutes. 
    • Step-by-step system for creating your "Ideal Day." 
    • How to find the sweet spot working for “passion AND profit”. 
    • Secret to getting your first 1000 subscribers.
    • Explanation of the CAP Email System in detail, 
    • The Money Session: I’ll give you the strategies you need to make as much as possible from each person on your list. 
  • Things that we will also focus on during this workshop
    • Breakdown of the two primary ways that you can make money from emails
    • Guide to get a product to sell if you don’t have one already, 
    • Templates of the “3 Mail Launch” sequence used to create email income in 24hours 
    • Step-by-step-blueprint that I like to call my Personal ATM Sequence 
    • Breakdown of the Psychology behind the most successful emails, and simple 3-point checklist 


Don't forget that you get access to these amazing BONUSES too!

BONUS 1:  The 30-Day Email-To-Bank Calendar 

This calendar will show you exactly what to do for the next 30 days after we’re done with the workshop. It will tell you exactly what to write and when to write it. It will even show you how each email works. In a nutshell: 

It’s going to be your map to earning your next income! 

BONUS 2 : 1-On-1 Consultation 

I usually don’t do 1-on-1 Consultations, but I’ve decided to make an exception for this training. During this consultation, we’ll analyse how your 30 Days have gone and what improvements need to be made, in order to make the next 30 Days even better! 

BUT THERE’S A CATCH… I only have limited time to offer, and I’ll have a new born baby by the time 30 Days arrives. This means I have to limit this to the first 50 Ladies to enrol to the workshop. The consultation will be short, but I can promise you that this will be the most valuable use of your time in 2022.  

BONUS 3: The $300 Million REPORT 

As I'm writing this, I’m preparing a bonus report that will show you how one former high school teacher turn entrepreneur grew his business from zero to $300 Million in three years using emails. I’ll show you how he did it by using a list building strategy, that you can use at no cost. I can almost guarantee you that none of your peers are using this. Even I’m not using it, but once again my husband is putting the pressure on, so I’ll probably start using it soon.  

BONUS 4: “The Attractive Character Workshop” 

You’ll get access to an incredible masterclass that shares the 7-elements that you can use today do an audit of your personality and supercharge your personal brand in rapid speed. I shared these steps with the Premium Members of the CLUB and they were amazed at the simplicity and impact of this strategy.  

BONUS 5: “The 7 Thoughts Of A 7 Figure Woman” 

This is a Very Valuable Masterclass explaining many of the insider secrets for succeeding widely… not only financially, but also in business and life in general. Most of the information in this Special Masterclass is from the collective, proven experiences of very successful women around the world.