And Just Like That... IT'S GONE

It's gone...

Black Friday has come and gone. 

Much like everything in life, it comes and it goes. 

Money comes, and it goes.

We live and we die. 

And all the same, STRUGGLES come and STRUGGLES go, they never last forever. 

God is the one true thing that is unchanging and ever remaining. 


So what do we do with this lesson?

We move forward. Whatever situation you're in right now, if you missed the PERSONAL BRAND GOLD sale because you just couldn't afford it...

Move on, move forward. Next year, when Black Friday comes around, things could be completely different for you. 

Times change and my life is a testimony of that.

One day I will tell you just how broke and how bad it was and how things turned around with one prayer and a decision to make the best with the knowledge, experience and mentorship that God gave me.


But remember this, nothing will change unless you do. 

Your life will remain the same if you don't use what you know and if you don't complete your faith with action. 


All the best, 

Go forth and be fabulous

Kopano Shimange